Saturday, July 20, 2013

The end of the road.

Dad says that it's time to go. If you hadn't noticed, I haven't blogged since April, and now we're getting ready to move! Mom, Dad, me, Jack and Doodle are headed to Pennsylvania! We'll be living near Aunt Diane & Uncle Will, cousin Lydia and cousin Nick.

BTW - I'll be turning five this August, and I'll be in Kindergarten in the fall. Wow!

Dad says that since we're going to be so busy and that he and Mom spend all their time on Facebook, everybody should head over to their Facebook pages. You'll get almost daily updates and photos and videos of all of my NEW adventures.

Here's the last batch of photos Dad took the other day. It was about 98 degrees out and our neighbor Alicia was watering the plants, then me!

Thanks so much for following my exploits up to now, and I hope to see everyone on Facebook.


- Maddy

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Puddle Stompin' 4/13/13

Exploring the last big puddle on our street, just good clean fun!

Miss Spider's Tea Party 4/12/13

Mom and Dad came to our Miss Spider Tea Party at school. We made antennae and wings to wear, I was a Ladybug! I brought fruit to eat and flowers for my teacher, we read a story, played games and had snacks!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Instagram time!

Instagram is one of Daddy's favorite Apps on his iPhone.

Sophia the First nightgown.

So many choices.

Milk and cookie at the bookstore.

Jack got his fairy wings.

My American Girl, McKenna.

Nap time.

Texting and driving in the grocery store.
You adults have some bad habits!

Air hockey at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Hipster Maddy is not impressed.

Practicing my "Disney Point" technique.

Dress up time at dance class.

Silly fun at a Cowabunga's birthday party.

Trike racing at Cowabunga's.

Tree climbing practice.